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There Seems To Be An (Amazon's Fault?) Production Bug Invoking "Mommy-gram". Can I resubmit and not get disqualified?

I have a bit of a dilemma.

In the development environment, my Mommy-gram skill worked great for every intent.

Fortunately, it was certified in time.

UNfortunately, however, it has a weird production-only issue where only the intent related to "Launch Mommy-gram" is invoked.

If I try to say "Ask Mommy-gram for new messages", then the Alexa production environment hears "Ask mommy graham for new messages" according to my logs, which results in Alexa not knowing what to do with the utterance.

If the Amazon team ends up offering a resolution that involves re-submitting the skill, may I do so without being penalized?

I adjusted the skill to work well from just the "Launch Mommy-gram" intent, but think my experience would be enhanced if there wasn't only one supported entryway.

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  • Manager   •   almost 5 years ago

    Hey Colin,

    We're not allowing more changes at this point. The only extension was for skills still in process that had been submitted for certification and required some investigation by the Alexa team. That being said, I'm glad yours already passed certification!

    All the best,

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