•   almost 5 years ago

No certification response before the deadline.

I submitted my skill for certification on the 9th but have yet to hear back anything from the Amazon team relative to certification and now it appears I will miss the deadline. I looked on the slack forum and saw simpler skills got approved almost immediately, is there some bias towards more custom skills taken significantly longer to approve? Any suggestions would be much appreciated as I spent a large amount of time trying to develop and am dejected at the lack of feedback.


  •   •   almost 5 years ago

    It looks strange as mine took about a day to get certified. I think it might depend on how many skills you have published. My first skill took time to get certified because the guys were very picky. But After that, I use virtually the same code with minor modifications for new skills. You might want to contact them with your skill ID for an update.

  •   •   almost 5 years ago

    Thanks for replying with your experience. I did create a ticket for it yesterday but nothing back from that either.

  • Manager   •   almost 5 years ago

    Hey Guys -

    Just posted an update about this. We hear you and we're giving a little extra time for the certification team to review and respond those that are currently in process.

    Best of luck!

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