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Skill submitted for certification before deadline and rejected before deadline -- am I still able to qualify for the contest?

Yesterday, before the deadline, I submitted my skill for certification before the 5pm ET deadline. I found out later last night, that it was rejected due to some duplicate utterances between 2 of the intent invocations.

It turns out it was rejected shortly after I submitted it for certification, so it was rejected before the deadline and I didn't fix and resubmit for certification before the deadline.

I'm a little worried that because it wasn't in a state of "certification" at the time of the cutoff that I am now ineligible for the challenge, but the official rules seem to indicate that as long as I submit it I should be fine?

Clarity here would be wonderful!


  • Manager   •   almost 6 years ago


    As long as you submitted a completed submission to Devpost AND submitted for certification by 5pm EST yesterday, then you are on your way to being eligible. Now you need to make the changes and pass certification by Jan. 17th at 5pm EST to stay eligible.

    Hope that helps,

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    Awesome! Thanks for clarifying that for me!

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